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Handcrafted jams are gluten free, vegan, and dairy free.

11 oz Jar


Blueberry Bourbon Pecan: Blueberries bursting with flavor are married with pecans, raisins, cinnamon and a splash of bourbon.


Raspberry Amaretto: Bright, tangy raspberries and the subtle flavor of almonds and vanilla combine to make a delightful and tasty jam.


Mango Habanero: Delight your palate with this perfect pairing of mellow mangos and feisty habaneros.


Strawberry Fig: Figs and strawberries complement each other in this delicious gourmet jam, while a touch of orange zest gives this all natural jam complex flavor.


Cranberry Relish: Tart cranberries and apples, drizzled with Grand Marnier come together to create a sophisticated cranberry relish.

Terrapin Ridge Jam

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