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All our different pastas are crafted with bronze die cuts, which leaves a rough texture on the exterior. This allows for the pasta to hold sauce better, making for a heartier and more flavorful dish.


Our Artisan pasta is handmade by professionals to ensure that only the best ingredients and processes are used to produce a quality product with much better flavor, while the integrity of the wheat is preserved.


The process of making artisan dried pasta is slower, but it consists of hand-mixing the ingredients, rolling and extruding the dough, hanging each piece by hand, and drying the pasta in an air static drying room, over a 24-hour period lowering the heat and humidity gradually.


Due to our special and unique formulas and processes, our pastas are perfectly tender and full of flavor! Each flavor is wonderful tossed with olive oil or butter and parmesan, making meals and side dishes very easy to prepare.


12 oz.


Z Pasta Artisan Pasta

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